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Hydrosoft Tablet 25Kg 0000154

Hydrosoft Tablet 25Kg 0000154

Hydrosoft Tablet 25Kg x 49 bags 0000154

Product Feature:

Specifications: Water Softening Rock Salt (25kg) bag

25kg Water Softening Rock Salt for limescale and calcium treatment water systems

hydrosoft tablet salt

hydrosoft™ tablets are premium quality compacted salt, one of Aquasoft Ireland's range of

superior products for water softener regeneration. The specification is assured by an audited

  • Quality System to ISO 9001:2000, so ensuring consistent performance.

  • All values except moisture are calculated on a dry basis. Test methods used are
  • BS998:1990 or equivalent, except appearance which is a visual assessment.

    • Strong smooth tablets
    • Purest water softening salt tablets
    • Best results for your water softener
    • Premium quality compacted salt
    • Dissolves evenly and gradually
    • Consistent Efficient Performance

    • For use in domestic and industrial installations
  • Description

    A strong, smooth salt, it dissolves evenly and gradually.  Global Standard for Food Safety.


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