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Hydrosoft Granular 1000kG Bags

Hydrosoft Granular 1000kG Bags

Hydrosoft Granular 1000kG Bags

Product Feature:

Hydrosoft Water Softening Granular Salt 1000kg Bags. A high purity vacuum salt for Water Softening. Suited for use in all Granular Water Softeners and Applications.

Softened Water can improve the efficiency of Hot Water and Heating Systems. Also, softened water can also reduce scaling and staining in both Kitchens and Bathrooms.

Hydrosoft Salt Granules are round beads from individual crystals of Salt, meaning this salt gives consistent brining in any Water Softener. Hydrosoft Salt Granules are the only UK Brand Granular Water Softening Salt that is made in this way. In addition, the Salt Beads are free flowing, so application to any Water Softener requires Minimum Effort.

Furthermore, Hydrosoft Granular Salt 1000KG is Food Grade which makes it suitable for use in various applications. This Salt is ideal for use in: Water Softeners, Dishwashers, Water Heaters, Washing Machines and Showers.

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