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6V 12 AH BatteryProduct Feature:The Yuasa NP Series batteries set the standard for quality and excellence in the field of rechargeable batteries. These high-quality batteries ensure that no electrolyte leakages occur from the case or terminals. The NP series range is almost maintenance-free with the..
Ex Tax:€8.15
weidmuller A2C 2.5mm Push in Term Beige 1514400000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 2.5 mm², 800, 24 A, dark beigeOrder No.1521850000TypeA2C 2.5GTIN (EAN)4050118328080Qty.100 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€1.04
weidmuller A2C1.5 0.14/1.5mm Push in Term Beige 1552790000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 1.5 mm², 500 V, 17.5 A, dark beigeOrder No.1552790000TypeA2C 1.5GTIN (EAN)4050118359879Qty.100 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€0.92
weidmuller A2C1.5 PE 1.5mm Push in Term Earth 1552680000Product Feature:versionPE terminal, PUSH IN, 1.5 mm², Green/yellowOrder No.1552680000TypeA2C 1.5 PEGTIN (EAN)4050118359862Qty.50 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€3.80
weidmuller A2C10 10mm Push in Term Beige 2490360000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 10 mm², 1000 V, 57 A, dark beigeOrder No.2490360000TypeA2C 10GTIN (EAN)4050118500813Qty.25 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€3.10
A2C10 PE earth term 10mm 2490440000Product Feature:VersionPE terminal, PUSH IN, 10 mm², 1000 V, Green/yellowOrder No.2490440000TypeA2C 10 PEGTIN (EAN)4050118500844Qty.25 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€6.80
weidmuller A2C16 16mm Push in Term Beige 249400000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 16 mm², 1000 V, 76 A, dark beigeOrder No.2494000000TypeA2C 16GTIN (EAN)4050118504019Qty.20 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€3.75
weidmuller A2C2.5PE 2.5mm Push in Term Earth 1521680000Product Feature:VersionPE terminal, PUSH IN, 2.5 mm², Green/yellowOrder No.1521680000TypeA2C 2.5 PEGTIN (EAN)4050118328189Qty.50 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€3.95
weidmuller A2C4 4mm Push in Term Beige 2051180000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 4 mm², 800 V, 32 A, dark beigeOrder No.2051180000TypeA2C 4GTIN (EAN)4050118411607Qty.100 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€1.15
weidmuller A2C6 6mm Push in Term Beige 1992110000Product Feature:VersionFeed-through terminal, PUSH IN, 6 mm², 800 V, 41 A, dark beigeOrder No.1992110000TypeA2C 6GTIN (EAN)4050118377064Qty.50 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€1.48
weidmuller A2T 1.5mm double Term Beige 2469370000Product Feature:VersionDouble-tier terminal, PUSH IN, 1.5 mm², 500 V, 16 A, dark beigeOrder No.2469370000TypeA2T 1.5GTIN (EAN)4050118485387Qty.50 pc(s).AvailabilityStock article..
Ex Tax:€2.55
A6 80X40 obo coffin boxProduct Feature:ExpandablenoNo. of entries10Type of entryCableType of entryCableType of housing penetrationPre-markingMeasured insulation voltage Vi690 VEquipmentWithoutCoverNot transparentCover fasteningLockingEntries6 entries for cable diameter 5‒14 mm 4 entries for cable di..
Ex Tax:€0.92
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