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KN95 Face Mask + Valve

KN95 Face Mask + Valve

    KN95 Face Mask


    • Particulate Respirator KN95 Face Mask are available in single packs
    • Effectively Filters Harmful Particles – The non-woven protective layers filter over 95% of airborne particles including dust, bacteria, smoke, pollen and other pollutants.
    • Conforms to GB 2626-2006 safety Standard
    • Comfortable and Easy to Wear – This Respirator features a contoured shape, ensuring a secure fit for increased comfort and confidence. Each mask is made from highly effective soft fabrics, designed for long term wearing without discomfort.
    • High Filtration Capacity – This Respirator is designed to have a high filtration capacity whilst retaining low breathing resistance, allowing for easy and comfortable breathing for prolonged periods of time.
    • This  KN95 face mask features a 5 layer filtration system specially created to effectively filter dust/airborne impurities for effective respiratory protection.

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